Par and Jenny

It's been a few years since we made this picture together - 49 years!

Since our last post, Par has gone on to be with his Mom and Dad, sister Robin and our daughter Harmony.  I miss him greatly but love to see his smiling face each day as I pass his picture many times during the day.  

Over the last few months, I have enjoyed working on our family history and have discovered new cousins.  One of our cousins, Dale O. Milloy, did a lot of research on our Huff line . . . and this is how I found his work:
Some months ago I prayed to find a way to give service. The next day I felt that I should apply for a service mission at the FHL, which I did. I was accepted and then . . . COVID hit and that was put on hold.
So again, I prayed to have help finding a particular ancestor that I had been working on for some years and had made no progress in finding her grandparents. As I looked at the resources and others that had worked on this line, I found a “cousin” — also descending from this same person — who had done a lot of research in the 1970s-2012. Then there wasn’t any more from him. So I thought perhaps I should contact him and see if we could work together. Using the internet I was able to find a current address and a couple of phone numbers. First I sent out a letter — it came back with no forwarding address. Then as I prepared to go on a 10-day research trip, I once again asked for helping find more about this ancestor. While at the library researching, I often would see information gathered and reported by this same person. I felt prompted to once again try to contact him. Using all of the phone numbers I could find, I called. Each one no longer was in service. Returning home, I felt a need to find this person and decided to research his immediate family and siblings. It appeared that he had no children and his wife had passed away some time back. So I looked for his siblings and found several. Once again I tried calling them. A couple had “not in service” messages. Finally I found one that had a voice mail, so I left one asking if I might speak to Lucy about our family history and left my phone number. About two hours later I received a call back from David, the husband of Lucy. He told me that Lucy had passed away in April. We both talked for a short time and when I told him that I was trying to locate his brother-in-law, Dale Milloy, who had done a lot of family history work. He didn’t know where Dale was living but thought he had gone to a rest home. Then he said, “Oh, Dale had sent Lucy a big box of their family history — the research that he had done. . . but I threw it in the garbage.”
“Oh my goodness!” was my reply. Then he said, “But the they have not come to pick up the garbage yet, so I can retrieve it for you.”
We agreed that I would send him money to mail the box to me and thanked him profusely. It is, without a doubt true that Heavenly Father will bless you when you do all that you can, listen for the Spirit and let God prevail. I know that this was truly a miracle in my life.

Contributions by Dale O. Milloy - a lifetime of family history work!