Huff Family Research

Pike county, Ohio and Bedford/Somerset counties, Pennsylvania

This is a collection of research findings primarily for Huffs in the Pike county, Ohio area.

The Huffs appear to have moved from Somerset county, Pennsylvania, some moving thru West Virginia and then on to purchasing public lands in the new lands of Ohio. Several of the Huff families had children with very similar naming such as Jesse and Caleb and it might be concluded that they were very close in relationship. That remains to be proven, but should definitely be taken into consideration.

Some of the Huff families moved into Kentucky but also seem to have vested interests in Scioto and Pike counties.

Huff Research Challenge

This family brick wall ends with Charles Bennett and Susannah Huff, suggested daughter of Caleb and Elizabeth Huff. Looking for any family members of Susannah - her siblings, parents, aunts or uncles, the following sources exist:

  • Vermilion county ILL Marriages 1826-1852 show that Charles Bennett was the brother-in-law of the bride, Sarah Huff.
    "Benjamin S. Knight md Sarah Huff, signing permission - Charles Bennett, bro in law; md 18 Aug 1831"
  • Proximity. Pike county, Ohio 
    1820 census shows Caleb Huff living near Barger, Strutt and Sargeant families.
    1820 census shows Charles Bennett(with wife Susannah Huff) living near Daniels, Boiler, Jordan Drake
    1830 census shows Caleb Huff living near Freeland, Jordan Drake, Lawrence
    1830 census shows Charles Bennett in Illinois

  • Caleb Huff was given as the brother of Jesse Huff (wife was Lydia Drake) in his probate records. Abraham Huff Sr was a guardian to Jesse Huff's children. It is not clear whether Abraham was a brother, father or cousin.
  • In the obituary of David Huff, son of Jesse Huff, his birthplace was given as Somerset county, Pennsylvania
  • John Daniels, husband of Winiford Huff (thought to be the sister of Susannah and Sarah Huff), was named administrator to the estate of Caleb Huff Sr in 1838: "Huff Caleb Administrator p.103 October Term 1838 LofA be granted to John Daniels on the estate of Caleb Huff Senr late of Pike County decd Appraisal of the estate ordered"