Margaret Malinda Pershing


Brewer Research Challenge

Other names for Maria Barbara Brewer include: Elisabetha Persing Maria Barbara Brauer Maria Barger Anna Barbara Persching On 13 Sep 1777, she and her husband were sponsors of John Ermel and Elizabeth's child, John. So we know that she was married by that date. There are several Brewers/Brauers in Westmoreland county. These include Jacob and Rebecca Brewer, John and Mary Martin Brewer and Samuel Brewer. There is a Heinrich and Anna Maria Brewer that lived in Bedford county, but seem to have a son, Henry born in 1787 in Westmoreland county. A Benjamin and Anna Maria Brewer lived in the ever changing named area, where his probate is recorded in 1778 in Washington county, PA. Children probably include Benjamin, Catherine, Maria Elizabeth, Christopher and Peter Brewer. Any records that you may have to further identify the family of Maria Barbara Brewer Pershing would be most appreciated!