Quigley Families

Where Quigley meets Quigley

Strong women have been in our Quigley families for many generations. Our Quigleys have been pioneers moving across and building the frontiers. They have been what makes America great. They have so many stories to share.

Do you know some of their stories? Please share them with us. They will make us stronger Americans, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers.

The following issues need better resolution. Can you help with additional information?

Sarah Campbell, first wife of William Miles Quigley. Who were her parents? What did she die of? And where is she buried?

Sarah's husband, William Miles Quigley is listed as a Physician in the 1850 census. Where did he get his training? No one in his immediate family was a physician.

The family of William and Julia Quigley have quite a bit of conflicting information through the census records. Questions about their children:

Frank Marrell Quigley: 1870 census shows as P. M. Quigley. This doesn't appear to be a transcription error.

Charles I. Quigley: 1870 MO census shows his birth in Iowa. It appears that they migrated somewhere between 1856 and 1859 from Ohio. Another source shows his name as Charles Redfield Quigley; 1870 census show him as J. S. Quigley. Different sources show his death date as 20 Dec 1894 and another 1908? Horace Clay Quigley: Julia's obituary says that she was the mother of 9 children, 7 of whom survive her (1908). "Left a widow at thirty-eight with a family of eight small children in the woods of Missouri . . ." My surmisal is that one of the children died before she migrated from Missouri (1880). He was alive in the 1860 census. Were there two Horace Clays? one born in 1858/59 showing up in the 1860 census. And the second Horace Clay, being born 1861 -- probably named after the previous Horace Clay, since he must have recently passed on. Any substantiation for this theory?

Dade Quigley and a Thomas Miles Quigley both born in 1861 (as well as possibly the second Horace Clay). In the 1870 census, he is shown as C. Frank Quigley.